At the 6th open Area (GMS) summit, which took place on 31/3/2018, in Hanoi, the leaders of GMS have reviewed, approved the Action Plan Hanoi period 2018-2022, which deals with strategic orientation and operations Priority has been adjusted for the next 5 years of collaborative strategy framework GMS phase 2012-2022. To deploy plans, ministers of countries GMS have adopted the regional investment Framework GMS to the year 2022 including 01 program listing, project projection with 227 investment projects and technical support with total capital value of about 66 billion USD. Minister Nguyen Chi Dung speaking at the conference. Photo: MPI [/caption] Strengthen cooperation, create a deep, broad connection in GMS in the report of program results GMS at the Conference, Minister of Planning and investment of Nguyen Chi Dung stated, the countries GMS are witnessing the cooperation Initiative program GMS is increasingly growing over the past 25 years, both in width and depth. Although there have been many initiatives about cooperation and regional integration, the GMS Economic Cooperation program remains a prominent initiative, having programs, projects and collaborative activities in most socio-economic sectors. GMS countries have achieved achievements in various fields of cooperation, to create deep, broad, through projects connecting to infrastructure, electricity, tourism, agricultural development, environmental protection, human resource development… To reinforce the Community connections and contribute significantly enhancing the competitiveness of GMS economies. In the traffic connection, many important traffic infrastructure projects have completed or are being deployed, which may involve a number of essential road-Myanmar connection bridges connected to the Vietnam-China , the branches, the route of the southern Economic Corridor, the East-West economic corridor, the railways connecting China-Laos, China-Thailand and a series of road highways in Laos and Vietnam. GMS traffic strategy to the year 2030 has been built by GMS countries and approvals, which propose the orientation and principles of cooperation in order to better meet the needs and overcome current challenges as well as in the future of cooperation Traffic GMS. In terms of energy and power connection, the GMS countries are continuing to actively coordinate to build a mechanism of coordination and sustainable cooperation in the power sector. The exchange of bilateral power purchases between GMS countries continues to expand with two deployed projects as the 220KV power transmission line connecting between Ban Hatxan with Pleiku and 500kv Nabong transformer station. In terms of competitiveness, in the field of agriculture, strategies for boosting the value chain of agricultural safety, environmentally-friendly and action plan Siemreap period 2018-2022 was passed at the 2nd GMS State Department of Agriculture meeting , held in November 9/2017, in order to strengthen the competitive advantages of GMS countries through the integration of value chains, beneficial to small farmers, rural women and small and medium enterprises in the GMS area. In the tourism sector, the implementation of the diverse tourism cooperation program and the further enhancement of the role of the Mexican Tourism Coordination Office has contributed to the increase of tourists to 60 million passengers in 2016. The GMS tourism strategy and action plan of the 2016-2025 period have been adopted in 2017 in order to guide the collaborative operations on the management of tourist destinations in a sustainable, balanced and more competitive manner. The GMS countries are coordinating together to develop the office of the successful tourist coordinator of becoming an intergovernmental organisation… GMS countries acknowledge the financial support and knowledge of conference development partners who have recorded the continued financial support and knowledge of development partners, which , ADB has provided 1.65 billion from ADB's own capital for the project GMS in the last 03 years and supports US 773 million from other development partners. The newly established financial institutions have also expressed a major concern for the GMS region, such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the ASEAN Infrastructure Fund, etc. In addition, the participation of the private sector is increasing, through the activities of the GMS Business Council, including the initiation of the Establishment of Transportation Association GMS, initiatives to support the private sector of the area of the Maze (MBI) , the Union Enterprise E-Commerce Forum Cooperative cross-border GMS. The expanding state Economic Cooperation program has achieved achievements, important results for the past 3 years under the roadmap of the principle of "3c" (connectivity), competition (Competitiveness) and community (community) ") towards the vision of a sub-region C He equals, prosperity and integration. The ministers believe, with the practicality and spirit "there is nothing impossible," the Economic Cooperation program GMS will continue to succeed in a challenging future./. (