A plan on the Children Hospital Da Nang project is being completed before submitting to the Minister of Health, Nguyen Thi Kim Tien with the heart and desire to be deployed as soon as possible.

In the work between the Ministry of Health, led by the Minister Nguyễn Thi Kim Tien and led the work of the Department of Health with Danang medical industry on the past September, Mr. Huynh Duc Tho, president of Danang in the recommendations of the city health sector Proposed for an investor in Danang to build a Children Hospital. Prior to this recommendation, at the time of the work day, Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien agreed on the principle. At the same time, in a text related to the proposal of investor to the project, the Minister of Health has also criticized, agreeing to the advocates.

Da Nang Children Hospital project was prepared for 2 years now, proposals for construction in Hoa Xuan Ward, the Cam Quan District, the river facade, by a Japanese design consultancy unit. This is a hospital model developed on the basis of an Australian hospital, combined with the topography, climate of Vietnam to become a future hospital model. In particular, according to investors, the design unit is based on the idea of the owner who has the perspective of the park model in the hospital in the form of Tokyo Disneyland Park in Japan. It is one of the world’s most popular amusement parks, attracting millions of visitors to sightseeing each year. Inside is divided into 7 areas with many different topics attracting both children and adults… “The hospital will be where children are interested, not to children and the mothers afraid to come.” If the mental health care, there will be a very positive impact on the examination and treatment of the disease “-investor representative identified. On the manpower of the hospital, according to the investor’s approach, in addition to the use of top human resources in the domestic medical facilities, investors will invite specialists, physicians who are retired in Japanese countries. , Germany and Czechoslovakia joined. “After we present the construction of the Da Nang Children Hospital project under this model and intend to invite them to participate, they were very interested, especially the project is located in Danang, where the fresh environment and cool climate For old age support “.